SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.

Embeddable Map Widget

Embed Map

Use our Map Widget Builder to choose the maps you'd like to embed in your site.
Create your own free, searchable maps using our data, and place them on your blog, website, forum, or any web page!
  • Up and running in minutes with no technical expertise - one-time setup
  • Combine your own geospacial data on the maps using KML
  • We keep the data up to date for you automatically

How does it work?

  1. Use our Widget Builder to choose the map(s) you'd like to embed.
  2. Grab the html code and paste it into your site!

Which maps can I use?

You can use any public map that you can see when browsing the Your Mapper site.

What are the limitations?

You can create any number of widgets to use on any number of your sites. You can have up to 100 widget map views per day (10 without a key). If you have more traffic than that, contact us to setup a commercial account with increased or unlimited usage options.


You are not logged in, giving you 10 views per day free.
Login to have an API key automatically be added to your widget code to increase your usage limits to 100 per day.
By using your free account's API Key with your widget map you:
  1. Increase your daily usage limits
  2. Consolidate all your Widget Maps and API Calls into one account
  3. Consolidate your API Key tracking across multiple websites/domains
  4. Access usage reports and charts on daily, monthly, and yearly usage per domain
  5. Block API Key usage on any domain you don't own
Your API Key is automatically added to the Widget Builder code if you are logged in. You can see your API Key on your account home page. The tracking and blocking features are available in your API Usage List page.

Who uses this service?

Check out our full client list. We also use the widget across this Your Mapper site whenever a map is shown, so you can see its flexibility and power.


By using your free API Key provided with a Your Mapper account, you can make up to 100 views per day for free.

Please contact us for pricing for heavy traffic and to ensure your map is not cut off after your 100 views. Pricing starts at $25 per month per 2,500 map views. Cost is based on actual usage, in increments of $25.