SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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Release Schedule - Site Versions

Release schedule for updates to the site and new features, including version numbers and release dates.

Future Features

  • More Data!

Current Version

Version 8

May, 2014

Transition to Mashape for API billing and docs complete
Registration process simplified

Previous Versions

Version 7

February, 2013

Completely new design
Focus on Embedding a Map and API Usyoage
Simplified home page options and paths

Version 6.2

November, 2012

Rearranged site to focus on API and data

Version 6.1

July, 2012

Dynamic heatmaps on all our maps
Layer multiple datasets at once

Version 6.0

June, 2012

Map and Widget Upgrades
Upgraded Google Maps to V3
About 10-20 times faster maps.
Half the data loaded per map request.
Bike routes, photos, street view, traffic options on maps.
Updated map location detection and filter interfaces.

Mobile iPhone App
Page detailing our free iPhone app

Version 5.7

December, 2011

Location Auto-complete
Added location based auto-complete on maps and widgets

Version 5.5

August, 2011

API Tracking
Improved our API Key tracking
Detailed internal reporting on API Key use (will expose public next release after testing)

Version 5.4

June, 2011

Bug fixes

Version 5.3

April, 2011

Map Widgets!
Exposed all of our widget options to the public.
Created a Widget Builder to allow anyone to get a map for their site, no account needed.
Widget usage tracking by domain, on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
Domain blocking to prevent unauthorized API Key use.
Widget usage tracking and free and paid tiers.
A custom 404 page.

Version 5.2

April, 2011

Map Standarization
Updated all the maps on the site to use the same dynamic map widget code that we let the public use.
Slight redesign of some pages.
Comments are collapsed by default and are shown in a popup now.

Version 5.1.5

March, 2011

Location Detection
Added location detection button that looks up current lat/lon and street address for modern location-aware browsers.

Version 5.1

March, 2011

Speed Updates:
Consolidated and minimized all Javascript and CSS on site
Moved all static images, icons, and markers to static.yourmapper.com

Version 5

March, 2011

Design Updates:
Totally new site design, streamlined and faster

Version 4.8

November 10, 2010

Bug fixes and speed boosts across the site.

Version 4.75

June 10, 2010

Converted map on locatoin detail pages into a totally new embeddable widget.
Added API key to the user's home page.
Added API and widget tracking code, rate limits, reporting, and abuse notification.

Version 4.7

March 8, 2010

Re-did the location detail pages (example):

1. Added a map with other dataset locations closest to the current one.
2. Map is interactive and can switch between all area datasets.
3. Added a much larger street view with nearby photos.
4. Added area walkability score via Walk Score that shows area amenities.

Lists of locations are now clickable and open a popup on the map above.

Version 4.6

October 28, 2009

All datasets that are official are now marked as such, on each of their pages and detail pages, and when they appear in a list.

Version 4.5

September 18, 2009

New Features:

Every Dataset has a new Dashboard home page which includes:

1. Links to other dataset pages
2. Heatmap of the dataset coverage area
3. Category location breakdown and percentages
4. Last 30 days chart of locations if dataset has a date range

The Dashboard can also be drilled down by Category, showing the count, heatmap, and last 30 days for just one category

Every Dataset has a new Datalist page which shows:

1. List of every location in the dataset in pages of 50 each
2. List of locations that could not be mapped for some reason, including link to details about this location.

The Datalist can also be drilled down by Category, showing only the list of items for that category.

A main Location page that starts at the national level
Location pages for each State, showing statewide datasets and city links
Location pages for each city, showing citywide datasets
National Location page available in topnav


Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and human readable links for all mobile pages.
SEO links for each Dashboard page
SEO links for each Datalist page
SEO links for each Location page

Added links for all new pages across every existing page where applicable.

Version 4.2.2

July 27, 2009

Massive crazy update to top nav. Now has dropdown of maps in your area.

Version 4.2

July 13, 2009

Removed all ads from header across site
Moved ShareThis link down into pages
Added donations and CafePress store to client page
Improved speed of some queries

Version 4.1

June 16, 2009

New Features:
Added an entire Process Overview section

Version 4.0.5

June 8, 2009

New Features:
No need to know an address: Recenter search at map center button

Minor updates:
Fixed form validation error when creating a map
List of results now sortable by column header all the time

Version 4.0.2

June 5, 2009

Minor updates:
Speed of closest markers with complex filter
Catgory icon added to marker list on map detail
Faster address geocoding
Height and spacing of header and map

Version 4.0.1

June 1, 2009

Minor updates: Create map page JS issue
Feature: 3D Google Earth view in maps!

Version 4.0

June 1, 2009

First launch of public facing site.

New Features:
  • New National Site
  • Data feeds for Everything
  • Comments and Ratings
  • Developer API
  • Retrofitted Metro Mapper
  • Mobile Version
  • More Datasets and Maps
Bug Fixes:
  • Map tracking

Version 3.8

March, 2009

Pre-release, development version of the site.

Version 3.5

July, 2008

New private services, including embedded maps, API, Metro Mapper datafeeds.

Version 3.1

November, 2007

Launch of private services and site at domain name, password protected.

Version 3.0

August, 2007

First code base for site, adapted from Metro Mapper.