SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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Clients and Testimonials

List of clients and websites that use our embeddable map widgets, API calls, consulting services, or data mapping services.

Contact us to get your site listed here if you embed our maps or use the API.
Logo Client Description Embed API Consulting
Louisville, KY City Government We format and map raw public data for citizens, saving FOIA costs, for the city government.  
Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator Uses embedded maps to turn their database into a searchable property value map for a local assessor.  
"The ease and speed of putting interactive property maps on our PVA site was astounding. The return on investment was immediate, and it would have taken us a few months of work to achieve a similar result. The maps keep people returning to our site, and display our property values in a visually engaging way."
    - Tony Lindauer, PVA, Jefferson County, KY
Franklin County Property Valuation Administrator Uses embedded maps to turn their database into a searchable property value map for a local assessor.  
Joe Hayden Realtor Uses the multiple maps on a realtor site to show local knowledge and provide a return visit incentive.    
Sierra Interactive Uses our API to pull targetted local data into their realtor website services.    
VoicePad Built custom mobile website map application for clients for national property marketing company, and they use our data API.  
Corrisoft Built custom tracking dashboard map interface.    
Ucloser Designed a mapping data integration system and consulting work.    
Kentucky Health Enterprises Network A non-profit organization using the map to showcase all health related institutions in Kentucky to help growing the region's health-related economy.  
"HEN is a local non-profit focused on working to elevate the Louisville, Kentucky, area as a location of choice for health-related businesses. The physical locations of our members and health industry businesses are very important. We turned to Your Mapper to take our raw information and turn it into a visual representation of the area's health network. It was simple on our end, and the map on our site and marketing materials meets our goal of showing the strength of our health industry at-a-glance."
    - Brittany Burdoine-Lewis, Marketing Coordinator, Health Enterprises Network
Greater Louisville Inc
Arts and Cultural Attractions
This interactive map shows all of the member arts and cultural attractions in the Greater Louisville area.  
"GLI needed a map of all the arts and cultural attractions around the city, and we turned to Your Mapper for the quick and easy solution. Your Mapper created an interactive map ready to launch the same day we provided the locations. The process was simple, and we couldn't be happier to show citizens and visitors all Louisville has to offer in map form."
    - Lauren Hardwick, Director, Business Networks, Greater Louisville Inc.
Louisville Visual Art Association CFAC provides intensive, in-depth art experiences for talented and motivated elementary, middle, and high school art students.  
"The LVAA needed a map of our Children's Fine Art Classes around the city, but didn't have a lot of time or money to spend on it. Your Mapper quickly gave us a map for our website, and it was easy and intuitive for us - no technical knowledge needed. The public loves to see where the classes are in relation to their neighborhood, and uses the RSS feeds that tell them when the class schedules are updated."
    - Mary Carlton, Communications Coordinator, Louisville Visual Art Association
Newhall Construction Embedded our Building Permit map into their site to encourage return visitors and show their expertise.    
NYC Big Maps Local maps for New York City, with heatmaps overlays.
Crime Mapper Kentucky Uses API calls and embedded maps to showcase crime data in Kentucky.
Metro Mapper Uses API calls and embedded maps to create a niched site for Louisville, KY.  
Your Mapper Uses API calls for interactive national mapping site.