SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.

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  • Location Detection - discover what's around you at any time.
  • Favorites - save locations, searches, and places within the app.
  • Filter - category, date, and keyword, and map your results.
  • Email - share interesting searches and places you discover.
  • API - built entirely using our public API.
  • Data - all of the data on our website, in your pocket.

To find out more about how to add our data to your apps using our API, or about our custom map consulting services, contact us.

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About the App

YourMapper® is the Local Data Company™. Our app gives you access to all of our national, state, and local data anywhere you are!

We collect open data from local, state and federal governments as it becomes available, and make it available on our platform.

National Data:
Historic sites, nursing home ratings, DEA meth lab busts, bridge structural safety, toxic emissions, greenhouse gas sources, and public schools.

Local and State Data (mostly around Louisville, KY and large cities):
Property values, crime reports, building permits, restaurant health ratings, sex offenders, homes for sale, foreclosures, car accidents, and political contributions.

Open Source

The free YourMapper app is open sourced on Github. Since we pull in civic open data and make it available for free on our site, and through the app, we thought we'd open the app up to you for improvements.

Please fork the code and improve it, add features, fix bugs, and release your own app. It can be exactly like our app (minus our YourMapper branding), or it can be something totally different. It's up to you.

About Your Mapper

The goal of the Your Mapper online news organization is to publish free interactive maps from public and private data sources to be the most effective platform for bringing your community high quality, local data on maps.

Our desire is that our free platform will allow open access to valuable geo-based data to help you know your city and neighborhoods better.

This entire Your Mapper app was built using our free public API methods. Developers can enhance their websites, apps, and services by tapping into our data with our API.

App Developer

iOS development was done by Eric Roland based on design work by Your Mapper. Find out more about Eric here: Twitter | Facebook