SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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About Us

Your Mapper® is a news organization dedicated to bringing your information about what is around your home, office, and neighborhood. We gather geographic-based information that has either never seen the light of day, or has never been effectively placed on map. We want you to truly know your street and neighborhood, not just your zip code and city. Mapping data in your town is our specialty.

Making Information Free

Our main goal is get information out the the public free of charge. We never charge for or sell the data we collect. And you can always come to the site and search the maps and info for free. If you create a free account, you can also bookmark your searches and share the links for free. We even let you embed the maps in your website or blog for free if you have low traffic. And our Developer API is free!

Online News Organization

We hunt down, gather, and objectively present geo-spacial information on our maps, so you can make your own judgements about it and share it with anyone. Use our free tools to create your own custom searches and embedded maps.

Google Certified

We are one of only a handful of Google Maps Certified Developers in the nation. We know everything about the online mapping space and how to efficiently map your data.

Our History

Your Mapper came out of the knowledge that cities and private organizations have all types of data that is not easily accessible to the public, and if it is, it's very hard or cumbersome to visualize and make sense of. We knew that we could create a service for the public to put the information on maps. Your Mapper is a result of the success of Metro Mapper, an idea started in June of 2005. In November of 2007, Metro Mapper became powered by the Your Mapper Platform. The Your Mapper public-facing site launched in June of 2009.

Our Future

Your Mapper is looking to gather and maintain much more local data, and we have the infrastructure to do it. We are also adding features to the site on a regular basis, including mobile applications. We'll keep you posted!


We are a small group of dedicated individuals that what to make a big change to the world. The Your Mapper news organization came out of Michael Schnuerle's local success with Metro Mapper, a project that began in June of 2005 and launched in March of 2006. He began working on the mapping service with the idea of dispelling unfair crime stereotypes of some Louisville neighborhoods. At the time crime data was only available aggregated by zip code, and he suspected that left out a large part of the story. Your Mapper is the expansion of this idea, to make the platform available in all communities across the nation and world. Our goal is to gather local data and put it on maps for local communities to share and enjoy.