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Service - Bulk Geocoding


Turn your bulk street addresses into accurate latitude and longitude.

Geocoding Service

If you have data you'd like to turn into a map, but do not have Latitude and Longitude coordinates for it, we can help. Let us 'geocode' it so we your can use it in your own interactive maps. Most of the time we can assign 97-100% of the locations to a specific point on the planet, to within a few feet.

How It Works

We leverage our custom, internal geocoder for your data, the same one we use for our data. You can either send a spreadsheet with the information you want geocoded, or programatically tap our private API on-the-fly. We can handle any number of points (one client used us to geocode over 10 million addresses).


Our custom geocoding system is more reliable and more accurate than many others because we run each address through an exhaustive gauntlet of geocoding filters.
  1. Rooftop Geocoder - First we look at our rooftop-accurate geocodes that we've obtained from municipal sources
  2. Existing Geocodes - Then we look at the other successful matches already in our own databases
  3. Web Services - Next we use our geocoding server farm to query the most accurate geocoders on the internet
  4. Hand Tweaking Tools - If there is still no match, we have web-tools that let a human search for and place the remaining locations
  5. Unmatched Addresses - Some data just can't be matched due to typos, errors, or bad data, so we can you provide a list of the unmatched addresses and a percentage accuracy rate


Regardless of how much data you want to geocode, we can convert it faster, cheaper, and more accurately.

Please contact us for more information and to sign up. Rates start at $0.01 per address up to 50K, then drop incrementally $0.001, with a $100 setup cost. We allow up to 40K paid requests per day per user, but can arrange increases.