SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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Newspapers, News Stations, Media

The news media needs access to high-quality, complete information for their reporting, and Your Mapper provides this as a free service. Newspapers and news stations also need to engage and drive visitors to their websites to show their expertise, attract subscribers, generate ad revenue, and get an edge up on their competition. They can achieve these goals quickly and easily by embedding our maps directly into their sites.

Reasons for Embedding a Map

Every agency, whether in a small or large municipality, has compelling reasons to release their data to the public on interactive maps. Here are a few of the more common ones.
  • Attract Subscribers - Interactive maps of local interest directly on the news website will attract and retain customers.
  • Ad Revenue - Embedded maps are fit to your site, and can be surrounded by any advertising or sponsorship.
  • Local Authority - Get an edge on your competition by showing your local expertise.
  • Inexpensive - Why pay an internal IT person to gather, maintain, and program these complex maps and data? Let us do it for you right now, cheaply.
  • Quick and Easy - Maps can be setup and embedded in a matter of minutes, with very little technical know-how.

Sample City Maps

Take a look at the kinds of embeddable maps available, and get started customizing your own embedded maps.

Scenarios and Options

Here are a few scenarios to help you understand our process and costs.

Embedded One Map on Your Site

Choose a specific map to embed on your news site.

Traffic Cost: $25 per month for every 1,500 views (most sites pay just $25)

Embedded Multiple Maps on Your Site

Choose a dozen or a hundred maps to embed on your news site, targetting your community on hyper-local site pages, and receive a bulk discount.

Traffic Cost: $5-20 per month per map, depending on quantity