SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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Loading Unformatted Data

We can turn your location-based data into a searchable, interactive map for your users on both our site and on your site.

Loading Service

If you have location data, we can turn your data into a map on our site.

This service is free if you can provide the data in XOMGL formatted XML or CSV (including latitude and longitude). After your intial data load, the maps can be updated on a regular basis with your incremental data.

But if you can't convert the data to our free format, you can pay Your Mapper a nominal fee to let us do the conversion work for you.

Once loaded and live, you can link to our maps from your website, thus getting your information to the public quickly and efficiently, in a format that they can understand.

You also have the option of embedding an interactive map of your data into your site.

Data Formats Supported

We can support almost any data format, including CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SQL databases, open sourced MySQL, XML, KML, and many others. If you can get your data to us in a digital format, we can turn it into a map.

Open Muncipal Geodata Standard Format

We will work with you to take your data and use the most relevant parts of it to create markers on our maps. This involves converting it to the OMG Standard format, since this format is perfectly suited to online mapping. We end up extracting a name, description, address, city, state, and category from your data, at a minimum.

Latitude, Longitude, Geocoding

If you already have Latitude and Longitude for your locations, that's great, and you can skip the expense of our Geocoding services. If you do not, then at a bare minimum, we need a way to turn your locations into points on a map. This can be Address, City, and State fields, or a single Location field.


Regardless of how much data you want us to load, the pricing is the same. In fact, we want to encourage you to provide the public with the most data you have available.

Please contact us for more information and rates.