SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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Free Your Mapper Services

Your Mapper offers a wide variety of unique free services for users, developers, companies, and governments.

Free Services

Most of our services are free and available to the public and low traffic websites.

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Data Loading

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If you have data that would be of use to citizens of a city, a state, or the nation, we can turn your data into a map on our site. This service is free if you can provide the data in XOMGL formatted XML or CSV (including latitude and longitude). After your intial data load, the maps can be updated on a regular basis with your incremental data.

Interactive Web Maps

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Anyone can view the a interactive maps on our site, and all the features they offer.

Mobile Maps

Anyone can use our streamlined mobile application to view any of the maps on our site.

Embed Maps

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Every map on the site can be embedded interactively into another website or blog. You simply choose the map you want using the online interactive map creation tool, and get a bit of HTML code to cut and paste. It's free if you expect to have less than 200 views of your map per day, perfect for small to medium-sized websites and blogs. See our client list for some examples.

Data Feeds

Every search done on a map can be automatically grabbed and used outside of the site through our datafeeds. These links are available at the bottom of each map and reflect your current map view.

Developer API

If you are a web developer, you can access all the data on our site through the Developer API. You can query what maps are available in an area, get map metadata, get locations based on your own filters, and get details of every single location on every map. It's free to make 200 requests per day, and this limit can be raised to 1,000 just by getting a free API key with your free account.

Link to Our Maps

If you run a site with local interest, you can create a direct link to a saved search in your city or neighborhood. Your link can be setup to display only certain filtered data and link directly to a full-screen map. For example, if you want to show recent crimes for a certain area, create a bookmark link, add a "Show Crimes" link to your site, and link directly to a map at that location showing crimes in the area. It's totally free! Just do a search on the map you like, then grab the map link, or bookmark it to your account and use that link.