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Catholic Churches - Chicago, Illinois


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All catholic churches in the Chicago archdiocese

Center: Chicago, IL
Coverage Area: Chicago, IL

Data Points: 199
Geocoding: 100%
Unique Locations: 196

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 Catholic Church

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External LinkNameCategoryAddressCityState
St. Adalbert Catholic Church1650 W. 17th St.ChicagoIL
St. Adrian Catholic Church7000 S. Fairfield Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Agatha Catholic Church3147 W. Douglas Blvd.ChicagoIL
St. Agnes of Bohemia Catholic Church2651 S. Central Park Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Ailbe Catholic Church9015 S. Harper Ave.ChicagoIL
All Saints-St. Anthony Catholic Church518 W. 28th Pl.ChicagoIL
St. Aloysius Catholic Church2300 W. Le Moyne St.ChicagoIL
St. Alphonsus Catholic Church1429 W. Wellington Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Ambrose Catholic Church1012 E. 47th St.ChicagoIL
St. Andrew Catholic Church3546 N. Paulina St.ChicagoIL
Blessed Alojzije Stepinac Croatian Catholic Mission Catholic Church6346 N. Ridge Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Ann Catholic Church1840 S. Leavitt St.ChicagoIL
Annunciata Catholic Church11128 S. Avenue GChicagoIL
St. Anselm Catholic Church6045 S. Michigan Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Anthony Catholic Church11533 S. Prairie Ave.ChicagoIL
Assumption Catholic Church323 W. Illinois St.ChicagoIL
Assumption B. V. M. Catholic Church2434 S. California Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Barbara Catholic Church2859 S. Throop St.ChicagoIL
St. Barnabas Catholic Church10134 S. Longwood Dr.ChicagoIL
St. Bartholomew Catholic Church4949 W. Patterson Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Basil/Visitation Catholic Church843 W. Garfield Blvd.ChicagoIL
St. Bede the Venerable Catholic Church8200 S. Kostner Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Benedict Catholic Church2215 W. Irving Park Rd.ChicagoIL
St. Benedict the African-East Catholic Church340 W. 66th St.ChicagoIL
St. Benedict the African-West Catholic Church1818 W. 71st StreetChicagoIL
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church3615 S HoyneChicagoIL
St. Bonaventure Oratory Catholic Church1641 W. Diversey Pkwy.ChicagoIL
St. Bride Catholic Church7811 S. Coles Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Bronislava Catholic Church8708 S. Colfax Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Bruno Catholic Church4751 S. Harding Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Cajetan Catholic Church2445 W. 112th St.ChicagoIL
St. Camillus Catholic Church5426 S. Lockwood Ave.ChicagoIL
Christ the King Catholic Church9235 S. Hamilton Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Christina Catholic Church11005 S. Homan Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic Church5443 S. Washtenaw Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Clement Catholic Church642 W. Deming Pl.ChicagoIL
St. Clotilde Catholic Church8430 S. Calumet Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Columba Catholic Church13323 S. Greenbay Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Columbanus Catholic Church331 E. 71st St.ChicagoIL
St. Constance Catholic Church5843 W. Strong St.ChicagoIL
St. Cornelius Catholic Church5205 N. Lieb Ave.ChicagoIL
Corpus Christi Catholic Church4920 S. King Dr.ChicagoIL
St. Daniel the Prophet Catholic Church5300 S. NatomaChicagoIL
St. Denis Catholic Church8301 S. St. Louis Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Dorothy Catholic Church450 E. 78th St.ChicagoIL
St. Edward Catholic Church4350 W. Sunnyside Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church50 E. 41st St.ChicagoIL
Epiphany Catholic Church2524 S. Keeler Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Eugene Catholic Church7958 W. Foster Ave.ChicagoIL
St. Felicitas Catholic Church1526 E. 84th St.ChicagoIL

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