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Historic Sites - National


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All nationally registered historic sites

Center: Washington, DC
Coverage Area: National

Data Points: 63,668
Geocoding: 100%
Unique Locations: 63,567

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Old Cambridgport Historic District Historic SiteCherry, Harvard And Washington Sts.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Orne, Sarah, House Historic Site10 Coolidge Hill Rd.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Pleasant Street Congregational Church Historic Site75 Pleasant St.ArlingtonMASSACHUSE
Porcellian Club Historic Site1320-24 Massachusetts Ave.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Saunders, William, House Historic Site6 Prentiss St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Second Waterhouse House Historic Site9 Follen St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
St. James Episcopal Church Historic Site1991 Massachusetts Ave.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
St. John's Roman Catholic Church Historic Site2270 Massachusetts Ave.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Temple Building Historic Site149 Main St.MarlboroughMASSACHUSE
Urban Rowhouse Historic Site26-32 River St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Valentine Soap Workers Cottage Historic Site5-7 Cottage St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Valentine Soap Workers Cottage Historic Site101 Pearl St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Vinal, Albert, House Historic Site325 Harvard St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Waitt Brick Block Historic Site422-424 Main St.MaldenMASSACHUSE
Ware Hall Historic Site383 Harvard St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Warren Block Historic Site155 Main St.MarlboroughMASSACHUSE
Winchester Town Hall Historic Site71 Mount Vernon St.WinchesterMASSACHUSE
Bradbury, William F., House Historic Site369 Harvard St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Atwood, Ephraim, House Historic Site110 Hancock St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
Building at 104-106 Hancock Street Historic Site104-106 Hancock St.CambridgeMASSACHUSE
St. Joseph's Church Historic SiteHoward St. And E. Columbus Ave.SpringfieldMASSACHUSE
Calvary Methodist Church Historic Site300 Massachusetts Ave.ArlingtonMASSACHUSE
Caldwell Block Historic SiteS. Main St.IpswichMASSACHUSE
Thom Block Historic Site83-89 Main St.MilfordMASSACHUSE
Malvern Road School Historic SiteMalvern Rd. And Southbridge St.WorcesterMASSACHUSE
Worcester Corset Company Factory Historic Site30 Wyman St.WorcesterMASSACHUSE
Barnstable County Courthouse Historic SiteMain St.BarnstableMASSACHUSE
G.A.R. Hall and Museum Historic Site58 Andrew St.LynnMASSACHUSE
Wianno Club Historic SiteSeaview Ave.OstervilleMASSACHUSE
Sawin, Ezekiel, House Historic Site44 William St.FairhavenMASSACHUSE
Essex Company Offices and Yard Historic Site6 Essex St.LawrenceMASSACHUSE
St. Stephen's Memorial Church Historic Site74 S. Common St.LynnMASSACHUSE
Anthony House Historic Site67 East Rd.AdamsMASSACHUSE
Dodge Building Historic Site19-23 Pleasant St.NewburyportMASSACHUSE
Fabens Building Historic Site312-314 Union St.LynnMASSACHUSE
Gleason Building Historic Site349-351 Essex St.LawrenceMASSACHUSE
Allen, William Russell, House Historic Site359 East St.PittsfieldMASSACHUSE
Osborn House Historic Site456 Rock St.Fall RiverMASSACHUSE
Hill School Historic Site4 Middle St.South DartmouthMASSACHUSE
Morewood School Historic SiteS. Mountain Rd.PittsfieldMASSACHUSE
Atwood, Charles R., House Historic Site30 Dean St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Barnum School Historic SiteBarnum St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Bartlett, J.C., House Historic Site12 Walnut St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Bassett, C.J.H., House Historic Site20 Chestnut St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Beattie, W.C., House Historic Site289 W. Brittania St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Brow's Tavern Historic Site211 Tremont St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Capron, George, House Historic Site6 N. Pleasant St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Colby, Samuel, House Historic Site74 Winthrop St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Dean, Abiezar, House Historic Site57 Summer St.TauntonMASSACHUSE
Dean, George, House Historic Site135 Winthrop St.TauntonMASSACHUSE

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